: disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance, often by an overbearing manner.

Little kids never seem to forget that they love you. You could have just had an earth-shattering disagreement with my little sister, and then when she goes to leave the room, she turns back, with a cheerful smile on their countenance and says “Okay, I Love You, Bye!”  I respond “bye” unenthusiastically and she shuts the door happily anyways…

They seem to understand that for someone to say I love you and to make sure that that person knows that even if you had a fight with them, you still love them, is a quality we seem to lose as adults. Pride seems to consume us and we would rather stay mad at someone and hold a grudge than be the first one to say “okay, I’m sorry. I love you, and I don’t want to fight with you anymore, so please know that I love you, and whatever happens, happened, or seems to be happening, I LOVE YOU. And that’s all that matters to me.”

It seems better to just hang up the phone and cross your arms or cry while pretending to not be affected by someone, when in reality, you can’t stop thinking about them and you WANT to call them to hear their lovely voice and even just sit in stubborn silence with the piece up to your ear to hear him breathing and know he’s there, and he cares enough to not be doing something else.  You can’t live without them, but you don’t want them to know that’s they are your steady legs and without them your table totters.

It seems better to have to go to a marriage counselor instead of actually just sitting down and being COMPLETELY and 100% honest with each other, which would solve any problem, so now you’ve got one MORE thing between you two.  Some guy who doesn’t even know your name without first consulting his clipboard.

PRIDE> It’s ucking fevil.

Tell him you love him, even if you’re pissed at him, because you may never get a chance to again. You don’t know what’s going to happen. So make sure the people you love know that you love them. It could be your last chance. Take it.


24 January 2007

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