Not So Much

When hate pulses through your body and the bitterness and resentment floods your mind; you could stop, but you don’t want to anymore.  The hate is like a synthetic fuel; it will last longer than what’s real.

That gnawing feeling that you should have or shouldn’t have done something.  Wishing you had said what you were feeling instead of staying quiet can rip your soul loose, causing internal bleeding.

The unbearable pain you experience after you see the one you love suffering by your hand; the tears race to make it down your cheeks before his do.  You know exactly what happened.  Why do this?

It is unbelievable how many people don’t realize how worthy they are.  So many of us don’t show any respect and pride for ourselves.  It makes me sick to think that that’s what we’ve been trained to believe – that we’re mediocre and unimportant.

Don’t people understand that they only exist to make an impact on the lives of others?  You can’t live if your strategy is selfishness.  If you’re always trying so hard to fight the tide, you’ll never realize that true happiness is a state of mind – not a state of being.

I despise pride.  When you stand at the bottom staring up at the top, it can seem like the tallest mountain to climb.  You want to walk around it, but you don’t have time.  If you do the unthinkable and jump, you can make it over.

One of the most ludicrous things I can think of is hypocrisy, yet even I do it.  We tell people what they should do, but the right things are easier said than done for some insane reason.  Life should be simple, but our morals and beliefs are skewed.  Decisions are clear to those with firm ways of thinking and a defined identity.

If there is one thing that really makes my blood boil, it’s when age or grades are used against you to lower your esteem and credibility when nothing else can.  Labels are disgraceful!  How can one person be only one thing?  It’s damn near impossible.

Perhaps the worst emotion of all is the lack of one.  Nothing can kill you faster than apathy and nothing can dissolve a relationship more effectively than inattention.  Our society is so emotionally detached that we don’t know how to relate to each other anymore.  There is a path for everyone: be born, go to school, get a job, raise a family, die.  Don’t stand for this.  We are made to be in constant motion.  Don’t stop moving forward in all you do and feel.  Time never waits for anyone.  To mentally stay in one place forever is the same as dying.

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