No Use Hiding

Whenever I see you
I know it sounds absurd
I feel so warm and tingly
And I lose all my words
The thoughts they just stop coming
and ev’rything’s a blur

And then we start a-kissin’
And you press me ‘gainst your chest
My breath, it starts a-missin’
My posture’s no longer erect

Something here is stirring
Here beneath my dress
I easily could hide it if I wanted to deny it
But there’s no use denying
What you yourself cannot be hiding
If I had a cock too,
I’d surely have a hard-on.

At first I tried to fight it
I tried to stand up straight
I didn’t know if I’d be right if
I sought to dodge this fate
I thought maybe we shouldn’t do this
That it could wait til later
But then I felt you standing up
Standing even straighter

And I let the rush a-come-in
And I lose sight of the floor
As we start reclining
And logic is no more

There’s no reason to hide it
One way to describe it
If girls had cocks,
I know I’d have a hard-on.

Cuz when we start a-gropin’
And you finally reach my breasts
My intake turns into gasping
And I claw at your dress

You’re wearing my maid outfit
You look hot and oh-so-sweet
Even though you are a dude
There’s no use denying
You’ve got a hard-on in there for me

You don’t even try to hide it
You say you’re hot and ready to go
So I whip out my strap-on dildo
And say, “kneel down on the floor!”

Your eyes grow wide with terror
As your mind begins to see

The slight feeling of surrender
In submissives just like me

Ev’rytime we were a-lovin’
And you slapped that thing across my face
I bet you didn’t realize
Your hard-on
Towards me

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