I like to know the pure color, softness, and grace of flowers, trees, and other plants; Elegance that comes with a scent.

It’s comforting having things where you want them when you need them. Life runs smoothly when it can be organized.

I love the feeling that starts in the other person’s eyes and jumps onto your whole face. A loving smile can change a life.

I love it when something just clicks and, for some reason, the two of you can’t stop laughing.
Turning red because you can’t even catch enough breath to contain yourself and ending up coughing and wheezing – It’s priceless.

A soft and fuzzy pair of warm socks that slide onto my feet like a smooth lotion. They are fun to wear because they are so colorful and make each step skip. I love feeling soft and cuddly.

The kiss that has been on your mind for hours, yet it’s spontaneous because it’s sincere. Even old lovers can’t deny the need for constant reminders of affection.

Radio songs that express the way you are feeling – from your heart to their notes. These moments testify that your spirit is heard.

The truth that even though we are so different, we can still connect and make something truly beautiful. Connection through diversity is truly inspirational – these relationships can never fade.
I like the accomplished feeling I get when I think deeper into things and try to expand them to fill their true potential. It’s so incredible when you understand.

I love the release when I open the gate of anxiety and let it all flood out in song. I love to hit the high notes. I feel invinsible and free.

Nearly as liberating as singing, is the joy of letting my fingers dance across the keyboard, telling my story as thoughts flow freely out the tips. It’s almost as if my mind is a direct output for the words I see.

There’s not too much that can rival the feeling I get when I hear a story and know exactly what you mean. I can understand you if I can understand myself, and it’s beautifully effective communication.

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