Just Dance

Screw it all…I’m a dancer.

Just the thought of leaving it all and pursuing dancing…it gets me feeling alive, intoxicated, and vibrant.  I feel like I could release and fly away outside of my soul and chest and mind!  I feel entirely unleashed when I am skating around and dancing.  I think I have found it-!  I am not a writer first.  I am not even a singer-!  I am, entirely, 100%, a dancer.





I am not the best at dancing or the faster or the fittest or the girl who kicks the highest.

I am only…in my passion…in my abandon, a dancer.  Even in my most impassioned writing, I am a finger dancer.  I love the sensation of losing myself over the keyboard…dance floor…park ground, or in the car with a friend driving. 😛

I yearn to get lost again…in my body…my spirit truly being…through the music. 🙂

I need to explore this.

I offer the fundamentals of organized social partner dancing: including framework, connection, proper posturing and weight dispersion, and healthy attitudes/mindsets. These are the foundations for the activity more commonly known as ‘ballroom dancing.’

I teach basic variations and timing for the following recognized partner dances: Foxtrot, Jitterbug, American Tango, Waltz, ChaCha, Salsa, and Nightclub Two-Step.

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