The Worst Thing He Could Do Would be to ignore me and forget about me…

I was trying to express my life through blogs, but that just won’t do it any justice…it turned out as an epigram…I should have watched my proximity, I got too close to him too fast. I should not have let myself become so wistful. What I chose as my course of action seemed so peremptory due to my impulsive nature. My emotional wistfulness weakened my ability to decipher his innuendos. However, I can sleep sound knowing that all my actions were genuine and bona-fide by my confidence in his seeming feelings for me. Even in my extreme misery, my plight brings me mirth! Just as the epitome of my feelings for him had reached its crescendo, he let me go! I fell! It really hurts when you hit the bottom… Her heart aches as she sees his poignant decision come to him. She felt betrayed. But it’s no one’s fault, it just happened. And she’s glad it happened to her, because she knows she can deal with it.

Because I know that I can handle whatever life throws at me. Whether it be by smacking it the shit away, catching it, or letting it hit me…I can deal.

The only testament that I didn’t just make it all up.

A good friend of mine told me that I never write any happy blogs. I suppose this is true, because I do not write when I’m happy. ^_^ There’s no need to write it down, because when I’m happy I’m not at home on my computer; I’m out with friends, trying to make them happy with my own bliss. Life isn’t always fun, but for the most part it is intriguing, right, Jon? Never a dull moment for those with a willingness to make it so ^_^ Right? Definatly, life is what you make of it, my friends. Yes siree. I wish the people I wanted to talk to would talk to me first, so I could know that they care for me as much as I care for them. However, sometimes, some people don’t do the things they want to do, because they are afraid of what will happen when the people they want to do them to find out they want to do them. That was extremely wordy and confusing, but if you read it a few times…very s l o w l y . . . you might get it. ^_^ I have been listening to a lot of music lately, and writing quite a bit. Writing about what, you ask? My life, I say. You might read it all. They could mean something to somebody somewhere – hopefully they will help someone. ^_^ True, the majority of my blogs are depressing or sad, but such is life at times. We all deal with life’s sorrows differently, and I am glad that I have had an opportunity to experience so many feelings ^_^ Good, bad? Doesn’t matter, because life goes on. Actually…yes, it does matter! It all matters. But you can’t get stuck on the past, ya know? Live well – laugh often. Laughing is so good for you, it’s a wonderful feeling. Find someone who can and will make you laugh – Makes you happy and smile ^_^ BIG SMILES! Meaningful, showing everything you are ^_^ Good. But remember, life isn’t always so lovely. Don’t become credulous – like I did. Don’t become so overcome by a happiness that you lose sight of what’s real – sometimes reality requires you to be serious. Don’t take it for granted – take it seriously and cherish all the good times. Make time for all the good things in life – friends and sharing your talents and skills with others. They are gifts designed to make us all happy and rejoice with incessant gratitude ^_^ Make time to let the people around you know how special they are – how much they mean to know. I should know, it’s a good feeling knowing you did all you could – even if it still doesn’t turn out the way you planned. Lastly – always tell people the truth. The truth will set you free. Be honest and truthworthy. Be genuine. Be yourself.

Thanks to Jonathan Fowler for suggesting I write a happy blog…and then helping me write it. It started off a little shaky, but near the end it was pretty happy. Don’t be afraid to live like you know you should. People will persecute you no matter what – so just live life. It will all fall into place, and people will grow to love you, if it’s meant to be.

Currently listening to “Get Real” By Huckapoo or Zetabytes…not sure…it’s from Pixel Perfect.

15 February 2006

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