I Have Recently Become Intensely Aware of Several Disturbing Problems I Have.

11 May 2011

Firstly, I seem to have developed a severe issue with being 5-10 minutes late for nearly everything I do. For the most part, it works out extremely well for most people, as THEY are often running late; on the OTHER hand, it makes me look extremely irresponsible and rude. I would like to be early from now on.

Secondly, it would seem to me that I often give off an air of superiority or condescension toward others that isn’t backed up by any kind of actual prowess, fame, or skill. I would like to be aware of and STOP such behavior/mindsets because it makes me look like a total stuck-up and pompous bitch. I dislike this. I need to stop making assumptions about people and start being loving and naive. I should aim to be much more humble. I ain’t no queen.

Thirdly, I’ve acquired a habit toward being absurdly happy and cheerful about almost every single thing I DO. I mean really tho- EVERYTHING. I mean, at some point, the smiling has just got to stop. O_o

I literally got a parking ticket, broke my car, tore a sandal, locked my keys INSIDE the car, was living on a couch for 4 days, and have been late to several important appointments, and and LITERALLY just laughed and fucking SMILED. O_o

I mean HONESTLY: WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?!? >_<! There’s got to be SOME righteous anger, right? >_<

And on TOP of that, the horrendous smilies. I don’t know if anyone ELSE has a problem with them, but seriously now, I am annoying MYSELF with all the god-awful CHEER.

Additionally, I have come to realize that I’m not all that special, unique, OR important, and really need to come down off the fucking cloud I’ve been lofting on and just be a normal fucking person. O_o

I mean, I wouldn’t DATE someone who was in as bad of shape as I am now, so why in God’s name would I think it’s acceptable for ME to be this god-damned fat or lazy-assed??

Also: I NEED TO GET A FUCKING JOB, stop cussing, AND find a place to live. O_o Seriously, Sadie: SNAP OUT OF IT.


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