I Disagree

I saw a friend of mine post that as a comment on another friend’s blog. The latter blog was: “Why is life so easy for people, then so complicated for others, I just don’t undertsand,I want to help but I can’t, I can only stand and watch while my life is soo easy and their’s is so hard and confusing, why!?”

And thus the reply:

There are no easy and hard lives, just a different point of view!

I disagree. I think it all has to do with how much people rely on themselves and how much people lean on others that makes their lives so difficult. If someone has a lot of trustworthy friends, they are more likely to be able to get through anything. As for someone who doesn’t have too many confidants, they may be prone to thinking they are alone in life and that no one, even God, may care for them. And may in turn begin to doubt the presense of love or the existance of God. Which in turn, can make someone turn to despair, very quickly. Some people need to be reminded that they are loved by those around them on a constant basis, and others are a more confident type. Anyways, always be sure to tell those whom you love, that you love them. It will help. The better someone’s life seems, the more problems they aren’t telling you about, and hiding with a smile.

21 August 2006

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