Good morning, everyone! 😀
Sleep well? 🙂
We did the best we could here…after arguing for a couple hours and finally coming to a painful but loving resolution of the problems I always create in our relationship, I was ready to put the proverbial sword down. He went to sleep and I went to soak in the bathtub.
We got robbed here at home last night.
Thankfully, a shock of this magnitude shook some much-needed sense into me. The first thing I thought when the power went out was, “Something is wrong. I need to check on Dallas.” I didn’t think about the house or our stuff or coming up with some plan to make sure we caught the guy or were able to identify him later in a line-up. I only thought, “Dallas.”
We were exhausted from the toils of fear and vengeance over the last couple of days and had really only started deciding to heal 5 minutes previously. I knew Dallas had probably passed out upon contact with the pillow.
Our bedroom door is immediately in front of the main door’s entrance into the laundry room. Thankfully, we’ve been keeping it locked for quite some time now, with a heavy box of clothes that needs to be folded. If the door had been unlocked, I shudder to think what might have happened…