Author, Editing

Author, Editing is a Mechanical and Substantive Print-Editing service headquartered in Downtown Chico, CA.

Author, Editing accepts all forms of printed communication in their initial draft forms. Hard-copies of the text are reviewed for grammatical errors and other typos. Those inconsistencies are then noted by hand on the hard-copies.

Simultaneously, substantive narratives are formed and separate notes are made that will later translate into typed audience commentary for the author’s evaluation and intended benefits.

All notes are collected and typed up on a home computer and reprinted to be handed back to the author in person. All meetings with clients occur in public locations offsite while most substantial editing occurs in my home office.

Printed communications may include, but are not limited to, essays, articles, project proposals, novels, dissertations, comments, or public statements.

I prefer to work on a referral basis, but do offer free consultations upon request.

Feel free to contact me here on Articulated Jargon and we’ll get the ball rolling.