And He Said

And she stood before him.

She looked to the floor and he watched her placidly.

And she asked him, “Do you Love me?”

And he said, “Yes, I love you.”

And she said, “In my clothes here, can you See me?”

And he said, “Oftentimes; not always.”

“Then let me remove them so you can always See me.”

She allowed the air to enter her body as her eyelids sunk down, immersed in gravity.
Her hands moved slowly, deliberately, to the buttons on her collared dress shirt.
She remained calm, being in tune with the rhythm of her body as her heart continued beating.  As the blood pumped steadily in her fingertips, she slipped the last of the fabric over her left shoulder and let it fall silently to her belt elbows.  The cloth hung gracefully as a shawl around her frame while she pulled her hands through the fitted cuffs.  She allowed her lacy bra to present itself in all its glory while she breathed and he looked silently on.

She dropped her shirt to the ground.

Her hands moved beautifully up to the straps on her shoulders and relieved them.  They hung limp and empty between her shoulder and elbow.  Her hands then reached behind her back and grabbed hold of the restraining clasp; she released it.

As she stood there before him, her breasts hung natural and beautiful on her chest and she exhaled.  Her eyes shot up.

“Do you See me?”

This time, he avoided her gaze; it was fierce and piercing.

“Sometimes, but not always.” he responded thoughtfully, as he let his eyes fall upon the floor.

“Then I’ll continue.”

Her hands moved center to the slot which held the fastener restraining her navel.  Her right hand held the bottom portion steady while her left pressured inward to free the button.  Her thumbs slid their way around the rim of her pants until they were facing opposite sides.  Pulling slightly toward the back,  she began to pull them down to free herself.  She felt her skin existing free while gravity began to help her gliding.  Soon enough, she was down to her bare feet before him.

Feeling giddy, she slid

15 June 2013

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