Diarius daɪəri



From Latin diārium (“a daily allowance for soldiers, Late Latin also a diary”), neuter of * diarius < dies (“a day”).


diary (plural diaries)

  1. A daily log of experiences, especially those of the writer.
  2. The method or media used to keep such experiences.
    They kept separate diaries. His was on paper and her diary was on her computer’s hard drive.
  3. (UK, Canada) A calendar or appointment book.

08 June 2011

Who am I? Well…I shall try to tell you…but it’s…difficult…because….I change so much from day to day.. I’m atypically aware of it.

I often feel as if I represent myself, but most of the time my body and lower consciousness are just representative of whatever it is my higher thought process is..well, THINKING. O_O

But that is not something I have been able to form a concise opinion upon just yet.. For now, we will restrain the conversation to what I DO know.

Who am I? I am a good human being, love — if at times, a [very, very] bad person. I do not lie or cheat or steal. I try very hard to listen closely to others; attentive to their needs and wants…with closeness I can usually hear what it is they are with just so much more than only ears.

It is troublesome some times, to be screamed at day-in-day-out…and from so MANY different sources.

A hoarder of intimacy.

I listen to my instincts; I am inherently selfish. Every single thing I do in the daily life is in the interest of my own horded self–specific-benefit; I can see that when I look at it from the long-term. I am ego-centric and look-upon most others as inexplicably plain. I am not impressed with situations very easily.

I genuinely care for the people in my life and am embracing of the fact that nothing and no one lasts forever. I am an embracer of change as the constant. When it comes to relationships with the other kind, I have no problem admitting that I unconditionally *love* them. It is something that I really can’t commit to turn off – although because of this I have come to see that I can also be rather inextricably hurt.

The demeaning of the vulnerable… I’m expecting of nothing now.

I really like to be around new and exciting people; I enjoy eating, cooking, sleeping, seeding; spending time in the honest and connected open company of other people.

I recently purchased a website to help me filter the inner rage/hatred of this society (and my own personal weaknessES) straight out onto the page. It keeps me sane…and I am a writer; a recorder of many things…at times it can help to RIGHT it..even when things are going well. =)

I enjoy the writing and also like to read. Learning is something I do on a regular basis, as well. I take risks..and I learn a lot. I sing. I dance. I glide. I go for long walks and hikes quite deep into the little bit of earth I can discover beneath the layers and layers of concreted pavement…..to where it’s warmer.

I make unwise decisions and, through my stupidity, I can sometimes manage to hurt others unintentionally. When the timing is right, and it’s just the right moment and light…well sometimes..then, SOMETIMES… I live it just right.

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