How Will I Vote?

United States of America, Federal:

Presidential & Vice Presidential Pairing – Green Party
United States Senator – Kamala D. Harris

United States Representative, 1st Congressional District – Jim Reed

The State of California:

Member of the State Assembly, 3rd Assembly District – Edward Ritchie

Proposition 51 – NO
Proposition 52 – Yes
Proposition 53 – Yes
Proposition 54 – Yes
Proposition 55 – Yes
Proposition 56 – Yes
Proposition 57 – Yes
Proposition 58 – Yes
Proposition 59 – Yes
Proposition 60 – No
Proposition 61 – Yes
Proposition 62 – Yes
Proposition 63 – Yes
Proposition 64 – Yes
Proposition 65 – No
Proposition 66 – No
Proposition 67 – Yes

Butte County:

Measure J – Yes
Measure K – Yes
Measure L – Yes

Chico, CA:

City of Chico, Member: City Council* –

Tami Ritter, Mercedes Macias, Karl Ory, & Randall Stone

*My main priorities right now are Housing First, environmental & social justice issues, and economic sustainability in our community toward self-reliance.  I will vote for 4 people that I believe will be committed to voting in favor of passing appropriate and timely legislation regarding these matters.

However, I don’t see much in the way of viable candidates who support the values and ideals of myself, the non-violent revolution, and the Bernie Sanders folk outside of Ritter and myself. I’m having a bit of a tough time.  Most of the candidates’ hearts seem to be in the right place and they seem to want what they perceive as best for Chico.

When it comes to Schwab and Ory, they’ve both had multiple terms and both have already served as mayor. A large part of me thinks they should honorably step aside to make room for more community input and offer their resources and guidance as mentors to the new progressive members.

Stone seems like an inevitable piece of the current team because of his propensity to consider finance and budget before all else, which is an important element for the success of our City.  Unless Tricerri shapes up and aligns with his true values, my vote is going to have to go to Stone.

I’m interested to hear your input if you’re willing to share it. It may be that I reserve my final decision on this matter until the last possible moment on election day to see what more I can learn.

Chico Area Recreation & Park District: Director –

Measure N – Yes
Measure O – Yes
Measure P – No*

(*Accidentally voted Yes, not gonna lie.)